Take Away

Ristorante Ravello offers a wide selection of dishes to take away. We also have the take away option available to larger parties and functions. Call us or come in and see us, so that together we can find the right options for your party.

Ⓥ Vegetarian

Ⓖ Gluten free


1. Cestino di Pane Ⓥ kr. 45,-

Freshly baked homemade bread, served with butter.

2. Bruschetta Caprese Ⓥ kr. 69,-

Toasted homemade bread topped with freshly chopped San Marzano cherry tomatoes in e.v.o olive oil, garlic and basilicum .

3. Olive Marinate ⓋⒼ kr. 49,-

Mixed olives marinated in oil, garlic, lemon, chilli and rosemary.


6. Salmone Marinato Ⓖ kr. 119,-

Beetroot marinated salmon, served with tartar sauce.

7. Gamberoni all’aglio Ⓖ kr. 129,-

King prawns sautéed in butter, garlic and parsley. Served with fregola ( Sardinian cous cous )..

8. Vitello tonnato Ⓖ kr. 119,-

Thinly sliced veal served with tuna, capers, anchovies and mayonnaise sauce.

9. Prosciutto Crudo con Bufala Ⓖ kr. 119,-

Rich and creamy buffalo mozzarella served with Italian dry-cured ham and basil pesto. Drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.

11. Antipasto Misto della Casa kr. 199,-

A platter consisting of Italian specialties: Italian dry-cured ham, bresaola, mortadella, a variety of different salami and cheeses, and a mini caprese salad. Served with our own marinated vegetables and olives, sundried tomato and olive tapenade, and freshly baked bread.

Paste Fresche

All pasta listed in this section is freshly made on the premises.
13. Fettuccine con Filetto di Manzo kr. 199,-

Sliced fillet of beef pan fried with garlic, a selection of mushrooms with a touch of white wine and cream and demi-glace. Tossed gently with fettuccine pasta.

14. Maccheroni con Pollo e Gamberi kr. 179,-

Chicken, tiger prawns and freshly chopped tomatoes pan fried in olive oil, garlic and a touch of chilli. Tossed with maccheroni pasta in a light tomato sauce and finished with fresh rocket.

18. Tagliolini con Polpette di Manzo kr. 169,-

Homemade meatballs made from beef and pork meat, served in our rich tomato sauce with garlic, fresh parsley and a touch of chilli. Served with tagliolini pasta and topped with burrata cheese.

Pasta Ripiena

Filled pasta.
20. Cappellacci con ricotta e spinaci Ⓥ kr. 165,-

Filled pasta with spinach and ricotta cheese, served in a cream and tomato sauce.

21. Wagyu lasagna romagnola kr. 149,-,-

Lasagna homemade spinach, bolognese sauce with minced wagyu beef, wagyu meatballs, bechamel sauce and parmesan. Family portion: 625,-


22. Risotto Ortolana ⓋⒼ kr. 165,-

A creamy risotto with leeks, crougette, peppers, pumpkin cream, butter and grana padano.

23. Risotto Paesana kr. 185,-

A creamy chicken and mascarpone risotto with porcini and button mushrooms. Seasoned with tarragon and grana padano.


26. Filetto di Salmone kr. 269,-,-

Pan fried fillet of salmon from the Faroe Islands and king prawns. Served on a pumpkin cream and grilled fresh asparagus.


30. Filetto alla Gorgonzola kr. 299,-

Grilled fillet of beef topped with a mild and creamy gorgonzola sauce.

31. Filetto al Pepe Verde kr. 299,-

Fillet of beef flamed in cognac and topped with a creamy green peppercorn sauce.

32. Filetto ai funghi porcini kr. 299,-

Grilled fillet of beef topped with a creamy porcini and mushrooms sauce..

All of the above dishes are served with your choice of rustic oven baked potatoes or crispy fries.


33. Patate del giorno ⓋⒼ kr. 39,-

Potatoes of the day.

34. Patate Fritte Ⓥ kr. 39,-

Crispy and rustic fries.

38. Pane all’aglio e Formaggio Ⓥ kr. 49,-

Garlic bread with melted mozzarella.

Menu Bambini


46. Tiramisù Ⓥ kr. 95,-

Homemade classic Italian dessert. Ladyfingers soaked in espresso coffee, almond liqueur and sugar. Layered with creamy mascarpone and topped with dark rich cocoa.